Friday, April 8, 2016

Miami Boat Show

In the last blog, I promised to share with you our pick of the boat show lineup. 

We are winding down here in Marathon.  Plan to haul the boat on the 29th to do the bottom.  That will be up in Cape Canaveral, so we'll start heading that way the end of next week. 

Because of our remodel, our taste keep changing in what we would want in a boat.  Yammy was actually mad at me when I was looking at other boats.  She said I finally gave her what she wants, so why are we even looking.  I guess if we win the lottery, we need to keep abreast of what's on the market. 

Yammy's pick:  Privilege 5 Series.  It is a 50' with a large salon and master suite.  I didn't like the 5'2" draft, but everything else they said they could modify to my liking.  Just have to fork over $1.6M.

My pick of new catamarans was the Balance 526.  This was the company that designed boats based on what cruising couple said they needed in a catamaran.  The 45 was a disaster, but this larger platform gave them the room they needed to create a masterpiece.  No changes needed for me at the $1.2M price tag.

Our broker friend, Peter (Catamaran Company), has been wanting me to see a used catamaran that has been on the market for awhile.  It is a 55' Dix Harvey hybrid boat.  Built like a gunboat and extremely roomy.  It was there at the show and we had a chance to board it.  I liked it, but Yammy did not.  $1M takes it away.


    A dollar and a dream.

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  1. Hope the Dollar and a dream comes true for you two! Please don't forget to include me in your winnings!!! Norbert